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Elmo Arrested ??

So Bible thumpers can stand on the corner and yell all their fairy tales. But this nutjob gets arrested. What's the fucking difference?


by ShitleR

submitted June 27th 2012

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fuck your free speech
6 years ago
Fuck Elmo
6 years ago
So you like censorship?? then Goodbye Mucho, GTFO!!
6 years ago
nigga, I jus play'n
6 years ago
There must be a backstory to this because I cant see any reason why he is getting arrested for what he said, Im not saying that I agree with what he is saying Im just saying that there is no way that he is getting arrested for just voicing his opinion, I do shit like this from time to time and all the police ever tell me to do is put the fire out on my lawn and go back in the house.
6 years ago
I love you Mr. Burns
6 years ago
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