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Korean tow trucks race to an accident

first to the scene wins about 200 bucks


by foreigner

submitted June 23rd 2012

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1. upvote for same occupation
2. the man has skills
3. those trucks r 10x's faster than mine =(
6 years ago
1. you're a korean tow truck driver too?
2. no, you just suck at driving.
3. thats because the cars they tow in Korea are slightly larger than a pop can.
6 years ago
its a wonder there isnt more death and destruction there with that about of craziness
6 years ago
I think you need some crumpets
6 years ago
thats racist
6 years ago
oh i should have said 'amount' not 'about'
6 years ago
yeah? fuck off teanigger
6 years ago
Well they do create their own work that way.
6 years ago
And to think their women can't drive for shit.
6 years ago
Reminds me of driving in GTA.
6 years ago
you should see their taxi drivers' driving
6 years ago
Holy shit that was a crazy ride. Skills, son!
6 years ago
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