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Mirror prototype that eliminates blind spots

A side mirror that eliminates the dangerous "blind spot" for drivers has now received a U.S. patent. The subtly curved mirror, invented by Drexel University mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks, dramatically increases the field of view with minimal distortion.


by drumrave

submitted June 7th 2012

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Mirror prototype that eliminates blind spots
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awesome its about time. 'cause turning my head and doing a shoulder check was next to impossible to do. or so it seems with some drivers
6 years ago
I hate people that deliberately ride in my blind spot. I've been in a handful near misses because of that shit. Even when I do turn my head and check
6 years ago
here's the article if you care to read it
they won't be put on any manufactured cars anytime soon but they will be available as an after market thing
6 years ago
it'll never get DOT approval as it distorts the range of the view.
6 years ago
I can see how this new mirror might be dangerous, the difference in perceived distance is easily 100 ft.
6 years ago
I bought a set of these years ago for my truck out of Performance magizine I believe, or some magizine. They came with a bunch of sticky tabs on then and you just stuck them on over your existing mirrors.
6 years ago
I bought several and put over my bed - no blind spots!
6 years ago
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