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God wanted him to die

wut are the odds?....he died later on in the hospital do to liver damage


by ShitCrazy69

submitted June 4th 2012

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even on divided roads, when your fucked your fucked
6 years ago
when its ur time its ur time
6 years ago
You two are about as deep as a teaspoon.
6 years ago
How did he not see that coming?
6 years ago
because it was going like 100MPH plus the speed at witch the bus was traveling forward
6 years ago
Wrong place wrong time.
6 years ago
He wanted to take a dump..No bathrooms nearby..
6 years ago
This is disturbing to me. This demonstrates that even if you are doing nothing wrong you can get killed. He was just doing his job when that thing crashed through the windshield and killed him. What was that thing anyway?
6 years ago
Nice throw.
6 years ago
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