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The Prettiest Princess

all dressed up, and no cock to suck


by Jenbirdy

submitted June 3rd 2012

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The Prettiest Princess
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seen to many times before
6 years ago
are you calling this a repost?
6 years ago
nope. but there are way to many pictures of people trashed up with slut written on their face on the web.
6 years ago
* in my mom's photo album
6 years ago
6 years ago
its Jonbenet Ramsey
6 years ago
There's some mayonnaise on her right cheek...might wanna get that off before it gets all crusty.
6 years ago
WTF, mayonnaise doesn't get crusty.........

it turns translucent and is greasy

* Jenbirdy suspects you've been tricked into eating something else creamy and white *
6 years ago
It must be lotion..
6 years ago
Why some ppl let this kind of shit happen to them?
Meh... I guess sometimes its self induced.
5 years ago
It's still one ugly bird.
6 years ago
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