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The Real "Krotchy"

Found this on the net. Apparently, there is probably not really a pokemon called Krotchy. I'm not fucking kidding. Krotchy.


by tr_willk

submitted May 24th 2012

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The Real
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for insecure fags
5 years ago
this should be the pro gift
5 years ago
i always thought Bill Clinton was Americas fave nutsack
5 years ago
Hillary is the one with the balls
5 years ago
This is from the computer game "Postal 2".
5 years ago
thanks for that info
5 years ago
Always happy to help provide needless information!

*Macabre awaaaaaay!*
5 years ago
i wont be useing that link.
5 years ago
it's just the way to buy the stupid thing...only $15
5 years ago
i think i'll stick to Fallout 3 thanks
5 years ago
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