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Love Juices


From Discovery Health's 'Sexual Secrets'


by xzekiel

submitted May 23rd 2012

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Ms "Wet icky goey stuff" seems to enjoy herself.
6 years ago
My piss is also sterile, you sluts!
6 years ago
how about you closing your cervix...
6 years ago
There will be blood!
6 years ago
Whew I feel vindicated about receiving my red wings.
6 years ago
BITCH! It's called self-esteem.
6 years ago
The vagina is cleaner than the mouth...http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4712-oral-sex-linked-to-mouth-cancer.html
6 years ago
Science disagrees
6 years ago
since when did discovery anything show full female nudity? they always had the tribal rainforest people rarely with saggy tits and balls with 3 foot sticks pierced though them.. but never western healthy people in a sexual way..
6 years ago
Vaginas are gross. I h8 wimmins and esp. cunts liek 'er! That's why men invented the fucking pads, biatches! Just like everything else that has ever been invented btw.
4 years ago
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