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Peeled fingers.


What happens, when you keep your fingers/hands too long under the water.


by Pelmeni

submitted May 21st 2012

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Peeled fingers.
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i doubt this was water induced
6 years ago
Well it doesnt look like a burn ...
and a friend of mine said, that her geography teacher said once, that during ww2, sometimes when the soldiers were for a few days in the water , till their knees, their skinn started to peel off.
6 years ago
I doubt water-induced as well. From the patterns on the skin, I'd say that a bandage was just removed, and the wrinkling is due to whatever moisture was trapped under there.
6 years ago
i have heard of skin flaying by alternating dips in boiling and freezing water , but this looks something like petrol... maybe
6 years ago
this is a third degree burn. this happenned to me a few years ago while i was fucking around with fireworks. same exact shit. by the way, water can't do that to you.
6 years ago
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