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Turtle POWER!

Turtle humps a Ball.


by -Morph-

submitted May 21st 2012

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sorry buddy :(
6 years ago
no way! i remember posting one of a turtle dick but not this one! fuck youuuuu!
6 years ago
yes way. I posted it. I'm not looking for it though.
6 years ago
there are multiple turtledick subs on MS?

well, wow
6 years ago
I distinctly remember arguing with fries about turtles/tortoises. Then drum hopped in and stated that turtles are tortoises. That was a fun time.
6 years ago
^ required reading for anyone currently bitching about how MS is lamer now than it used to be
6 years ago
as a matter of fact, just click the turtle dick tag. There wasn't much arguing going on, but meat as meat.
* xzekiel wipes hands *

and that is that
6 years ago
Did he pass out at the end?
6 years ago
Same shit happens to me.
6 years ago
Thats a turtle cock?? looks like a Lamprey eel
6 years ago
mine's bigger
6 years ago
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