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Racist Dogs

Furries cosplay on miniature golf course with bonus racism. Their fan seems to be enjoying the show.


by tr_willk

submitted May 20th 2012

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Racist Dogs
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Furries are fucking retards.
6 years ago
I don't get it.
The black 'dawgs' are beating the white bitch?
6 years ago
Does that mean I'm right?
6 years ago
If that is the case is the one on the left gay?
So many questions unanswered
6 years ago
this is some sort of fantasy... in reality the roles are reversed
6 years ago
You guys are racist for claiming the black dogs are beating the white one, just because they're black you automatically assume that.
How do you know they're not just aiming for the green ball? They're playing golf for gods sake!

Let me guess, they probably "broke into" the golf field too, and the black guy in the background must have stolen that camera, that white chick must be their hostage, you racist fucks...
6 years ago
I think it's pretty straightforward. A homo black guy and another black guy are beating a white chick with clubs while a fat white girl videotapes. The gay black guy and the white girl are both trying to impress their "daddy" Fucking Niggers....
6 years ago
BG looking good in this pic
6 years ago
The island of misfit mascots? Where the fuck is the sad panda?
6 years ago
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