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She only fucks moolinaers



by Persona

submitted May 19th 2012

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muchoworthynot muchoworthyMako
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oh this is going to go over splendidly
6 years ago
Yeah.Like I meant it to appear twice !
6 years ago
God Damn it, so Much for quality control... Its bad enough with one bad post from me, come on!!
6 years ago
who are you blaming exactly?
6 years ago
My ISP is at fault here giving me such a crappy line, Second I blame MS for not having an upload bar !
6 years ago
Thirdly I blame only you for being so GD impatient.
6 years ago
sadly enough MS Just don't work the same way here as it does across the Atlantic.
6 years ago
6 years ago
latency zeke, heard about it ?
6 years ago
It takes a long time to upload videos. You're just impatient. All the other Eurofags seem to do just fine.
6 years ago
Wasn't this posted just the other day? How did you miss that?
6 years ago
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