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Long Road to Jizzin'


It gets a little creepy after a while.


by cuntscab

submitted May 18th 2012

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I wonder how I can convince her into doing this?
6 years ago
language? I wanna know which country produces people this fucked up.
6 years ago
most likely japan
6 years ago
is that you scabby?
6 years ago
she forgot the sign
6 years ago
* Jenbirdy adds another item to the OL' bucket list *
6 years ago
i was all fluffed up and ready to pop waiting for the jizz that was promised then the video ended. i have to say i feel more robbed than fries on the nesquik post that was tagged penis
6 years ago
haha sorry about my empty promises.
6 years ago
you owe me a cumshot, i will collect when i come visit
6 years ago
This doesn't get creepy, it starts creepy.
6 years ago
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