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This chick has kept her memories of being a slut since she was 16. Hopefully I found something that isn't a repost.


by snoopa

submitted May 6th 2012

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nice job
6 years ago
Gawdamnit. Fuck it. I give up.
6 years ago
or you could use the search feature
6 years ago
Well, I see now that this post beat me by a few hours.
6 years ago
you couldve searched "condom"
6 years ago
or looked at the featured content
6 years ago
Yea I see that now
6 years ago
are you for fucking real ??
6 years ago
guess i should have known
by the way you parked your car
that it wouldn't last

you're the kind of person
that believes in making out once
love 'em and leave 'em fast

guess i must be dumb
she had a pocket full of horses
some of them used

but it was saturday night
i guess that makes it all right
what have you got to lose?
6 years ago
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