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Just because... ಠ_ಠ


by Sinaitis

submitted April 30th 2012

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Very ren and stimpy-esque
6 years ago
youtube embed: fail
6 years ago
Jail is a hell of a drug!
6 years ago
A fucking movie trailer for Prometheus can get upvoted to high heaven, but oh no...a Mine Craft video where he butt rapes a creeper gets downvoted. What do muchoers want to see? More movie trailers and less of this twisted shit. That's a rhetorical question by the way.

I've been here for maybe 4 months and I'm about to stop coming here because of shit like this. I bet some of them didn't even watch it all the way through.
6 years ago
I only liked your comment because you said you were going to quit..
6 years ago
@Bono: I don't care.

@conky I would've liked your comment, but it needs to be a white guy crying. I'm not black.
6 years ago
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