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This is fucked up



by balaclava

submitted April 30th 2012

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Wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle YEAH!?
6 years ago
boring.....it woulda been betta if he was still breathing
6 years ago
harsh bro harsh..... plus with all the holes in his body it would be a whistle not a breath
6 years ago
Yeah, the whistling would've bugged me.
6 years ago
A he? Long hair and panties with no bulge tells me it's a she. But it's admittedly tough to tell what sex or even what species it may have been before its "ordeal"
6 years ago
CSI Oranjeboom thinks that someone stood over him when he was laying on the floor and opened up with an AK.

This is from the angle of the bullets, the concentration to the head, and the two to the left arm looking like defensive wounds.
6 years ago
how do you explain the laceration to the underarm area ?
6 years ago
Shrapnel is my guess.
6 years ago
Definitely not an ak, his head would be gone for one and two it doesn't explain that ankle.
6 years ago
gimmie my two dollars! attempted quote from random movie
6 years ago
Somedays, it's better to get out of bed and do the things you've been delaying.
6 years ago
6 years ago
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