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Playing wit lions.....not the best idea

i like the dog in the beginning he could give a fuck he just goes and gets his bone


by ShitCrazy69

submitted April 30th 2012

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who else felt worse for the lion than the guy kuz i did.....he was scroungy lookin too they probably treated him like shit ...revenge is a bitch
7 years ago
When you play with fire, you might get burned.
7 years ago
fuuuuuuuck this shit just came out .....didn't think it was posted yet kuz it looks new
7 years ago
yea it happens. almost everything that has been posted on the net is on this site or will be.
7 years ago
kuz this site is awesome its where all us fuck heads come to save time searching these useless bullshit sites
7 years ago
this video is twice as long and much better quality...let's see how it differs
7 years ago
the original had the better edit
7 years ago
I like how Stalin came in and saved the day with his gun.
7 years ago
I didn't know CPR worked for lose of blood
7 years ago
It doesn't. Especially when they do it THAT wrong.
7 years ago
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