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Tetris difficult: Asian WTF?!

Asian Tetris master. Wonder how much better he could play if he were on speed or meth?


by Schattenmeister

submitted April 28th 2012

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Shazam! Was he making them come down that fast or was that just the speed of the game?
6 years ago
Part was the speed of the game, part was him actually him making it go down faster than the game.
6 years ago
virgin for a lifetime
6 years ago
i'm pretty sure there are some women who swooned at the sight of this and would have sex with that guy just because of his awesomeness.
6 years ago
or because of his awesome fast fingers
6 years ago
is this the guy that plays tetris up to the highest speed? and is able to play even when its completely blacked out? if so its a repost.. pretty cool tho...
one of my old friends was about this good at tetris... he couldnt understand why people were amazed.. he was just like 'uh.. its simple you just look at what is coming up next' like that magically should make it easy
6 years ago
That's what I did with girlfriends but you can't always tell how they'll turn out as wives. So you got to play them.
6 years ago
My mom would be so proud.
6 years ago
so your going to play a game for years to get that good and after all that hard work... all u get is a little sign that says "Excellent Master mode all clear" with some lil fireworks .... yea that's worth it.. not like there is a hidden nude pic in the game or even anything remotely awesome....
6 years ago
you also get your video on mucho
6 years ago
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