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600 milligrams bitch!

ah parenthood


by thecandiru

submitted April 28th 2012

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Their makeup sex is going to be epic..
5 years ago
not with 12000 milligrams of ibuprofen in her tummy
5 years ago
The seagull was a nice touch.
5 years ago
Stupid Bitch Rule #1, always provoke wife-beating psychopaths extra in front of the kids.
5 years ago
*woman squares up with man* "Touch me again, touch me again!"

*man lunges for her and is holding/choking her against the wall and could have obviously taken her out easily she falls/is dragged to the ground helplessly then.... she gets up* "Pussy bitch!"...... Hahahaha what a dumbass.
5 years ago
so fucking fake, just like everything else from worldstar
5 years ago
It makes me so happy when it's somebody else and not me.
5 years ago
She sucks at fighting.
5 years ago
Ahhh! The good ole days!!
5 years ago
5 years ago
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