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Zetas Beheading

Zetas Beheading


by suteadotyu

submitted April 27th 2012

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Do NONE of thes cocksuckers own a fucking file? This retarded machete-weilding shitstain was out of breath! In all of spicland and the middle east,have no dads taken their sons aside and taught them to sharpen ANYTHING? At least this poor bastard was already dead and didn't have to suffer this fuckwad's clumsy performance.
6 years ago
These idiots haven't yet realized what serrated edges are for.
6 years ago
or that its a machete and its meant for hacking, not sawing.. smh
6 years ago
Maybe that's all apart of a beheading?
Maybe we should ask Mister Owl?
6 years ago
Already dead, where's the fun in that?
6 years ago
6 years ago
I'd like to hold that shithead down and saw his head off with the backside of the blade!!
6 years ago
Kitana is great.

5 years ago
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