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"I'm told it's very sexy."


by sobmacabre

submitted April 25th 2012

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Emmanuelle was better and that was shit
5 years ago
i once watched one of the Emmanuelle films on VHS round at a girlfriends and it was really dark picture and barely watchable. then watched the same vid round at a mates house and saw everything... damn g/f had turned the brightness down...
Also watched Sly Stallone in that porn he did , utter garbage
5 years ago
stallone was in a porn?
5 years ago
oh yeah... Italian Stallion. look it up
5 years ago
party at kitty and studs
5 years ago
bloody hell! saw a trailer for it. Truly cashing in on his fame.
5 years ago
What do you say CS?
5 years ago
recover password
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