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Hamster blanket

No bedroom is complete without one.


by Dnalyensid

submitted April 24th 2012

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Hamster blanket
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* jrob2020 goes to petco *
6 years ago
I lol'ed
6 years ago
If you wrap a baby in it, does it eat it?
6 years ago
Just its head.
6 years ago
I don't care if it's made out of shaved pussy hair, I'm not spending $4,000.00on a blanket. Hell, I have enough hair just on my ass alone to weave a god damn Navajo blanket, so wtf do I need a hamster for?
6 years ago
I used to own a $300 mink blanket until a moving company ruined it (they got it wet and it was rotten/moldy when it arrived at our new place).

Fur blankets are nice, but not exactly worth thousands.
6 years ago
clearly i need to get some more pro memberships signed up so i can buy this...
6 years ago
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