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Sumo in da hood


my eyes...MY EYES!


by Worry

submitted April 23rd 2012

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everybody was kung fu fighting
6 years ago
and it's only Monday.
6 years ago
I didn't even see the puck drop.
6 years ago
I'm glad they decided to solve their problems the sensible, logical and mature way.
6 years ago
0:55 zoom in on the weave. great sense for the dramatic.
6 years ago
someone needs to tranquilize that thing and take it back to the zoo
6 years ago
Somebody send this to Jackson, Sharpton and the NAACP.
6 years ago
Fight's over, back to work.
6 years ago
Obama election committee
6 years ago
...are two ffugly (the first "f" stands for "fat") bitches wort posting?
6 years ago
...and i thought to pull hair is not allowed in sumo fights...
6 years ago
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