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Get Ready

i'm drunk as shit and i want u all to be the same


by ShitCrazy69

submitted April 20th 2012

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anyone ever played this game?....Battlefield is the shit
6 years ago
anyone of u r counterstike fans?
6 years ago
No one's ever played Battlefield. You're the first.
6 years ago
i use to play the battfield 1942 desert combat mod ... use to play in tourneys also lol then they went to bf2 and i didnt like it.. i still pay the bf 1942 mod though...
6 years ago
I still got it.
6 years ago
If 69 is the year you were born, then that make you 8 years younger then me and I only grew up with this music because my two sisters were 13 & 15 years older then me. Don't get me wrong, I liked the song but how did you come up with this elaborate idea of Battlefield Vietnam other then the fact that the song was in the same era as the was?
6 years ago
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