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Typical Southern Wedding

I guess they're kissing cousins


by IamtheBlueDawn

submitted April 20th 2012

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Typical Southern Wedding
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is that legal/common in america ?
6 years ago
It's legal yet uncommon in Belgium.
6 years ago
the following united states allow cousins to marry: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina (double cousin marriage prohibited), Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia

6 years ago
First cousin marriage is allowed in these states under the following circumstances:

Arizona- if both are 65 or older, or one is unable to reproduce.

Illinois- if both are 50 or older, or one is unable to reproduce.

Indiana- if both are at least 65.

Maine- if couple obtains a physician's certificate of genetic counseling.

Utah- if both are 65 or older, or if both are 55 or older and one is unable to reproduce.

Wisconsin- if the woman is 55 or older, or one is unable to reproduce.

{source ncsl.org}
6 years ago
more to the point, it is obvious that some discorian or other provocateur was engaging in some guerilla ontology by putting a wedding photo in a frame marked "cousins."
6 years ago
Looks like you've done alot of research into this.
6 years ago
if by "alot" of research, you mean that i looked at the sourced website and transferred the information here for our amusement and edification, then sure. the discordian guerilla ontology is something i knew about before i ever saw this submission, so no research was needed.

i'd also like to welcome you, carjen, and tell you that you have one of the greatest first comments ever. keep up the good work and don't forget to vote...and consider going pro.
6 years ago
Its illegal in Georgia.
6 years ago
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