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submitted April 17th 2012

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It looks like he says "I almost got fuckin killed" as he walks by.
6 years ago
People take life so much for granted. Even though he had the right of way doesn't mean that everyone else is on the same page, I'll give you an example. your at a side street crossing over to go the other way and here comes a car with its turn signal on, most people take for granted that the car is going to turn onto the street you're turning off of. 9 times out of 10, he will. But that one time you let your guard down, you just been T boned because the other guy forgot to turn off his blinker while changing lanes back aways.
6 years ago
Yeah. I always wait to pull out. *that's what she said
6 years ago
That is why I go through life assuming everyone else is stupid.
6 years ago
That & the fact I'm right.
6 years ago
So what is the suggestion/alternative - to take *nothing* in life for granted, all the time.
Good luck with your productivity and sanity.
6 years ago
Dandy, when you wake up in the morning you should be thankful. As gay as that sounds, the terrible death videos on this site concrete that.
6 years ago
I would have chased his ass down..
6 years ago
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