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How to dissapear

watch the guy in the red shirt....the assholes that were all around him coulda game him a heads up at least


by ShitCrazy69

submitted April 16th 2012

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I came...
6 years ago
I feel let down. I was waiting for the IED to explode or for the trains to crash into each other.
4 years ago
I was looking at the guy on the other track lol
6 years ago
well i bet a part of that red shirt guy just smacked him in the face
6 years ago
Like a bug on the windshield.
That's like loosing one grain of sand in the Mojave Dessert.
6 years ago
He was just asking for it with that red shirt in
4 years ago
4 years ago
Well you tried.

* Bono looks at camera and shrugs *
4 years ago
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