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Make Every Rupiah Count

Nike Sweatshop workers living LARGE!


by tr_willk

submitted April 13th 2012

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This isn't your forum for posting your geopolitical bullshit.
* JamesTKirk takes off Nikes *

7 years ago
He was wearing sandles which goes against everything I believe in.
7 years ago
* smerf surreptitiously kicks his flipflops under his bed. *
7 years ago
Trying to be nonshalont with a tongue like that is vertually impossible.
7 years ago
Saying the word nonchalant with a tongue like that is also impossible.
7 years ago
i believe hes confused, a majority of the world does not take daily showers, and used toothpaste. Not basic needs. I believe this man is a rep from the CREST company and or the DOVE company.
7 years ago
ya, and only americans are fat, so other people dont eat more than once a day.
7 years ago
Ok, they aren't living in luxury, but they aren't in abject poverty. This is just him justifying his ability to speak a foreign language.

I don't live much better than that.
7 years ago
I wonder what the average wage is there in Russia or wherever that was. Maybe its actually a good wage.
7 years ago
i just wanna hat :(
7 years ago
What about a worker in America making minimum wage living on their own? A minimum wage worker in America with no skills besides manual labor makes approx $1300 a month.

housing ($350-400) Slums
power ($50-100)
transportation ($200-500)
water ($50)
food ($300-500)
Misc, clothing, soaps, etc ($200-500)
medicine/medical ($100-??)

You can pick the poorest of any country and do the exact same thing this douche bag did in this video.

7 years ago
you don't *need* to smell good
6 years ago
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