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shit chef



by Sealbasher

submitted April 9th 2012

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alcohol can make even the dumbest things seem funny
6 years ago
sealbasher upvoteing his shit first is just asking for his subs to be downvoted....
6 years ago
we had the "is it ok to upvote own subs" discussion often enough
6 years ago
fries you don't even vote...you just bitch about the way others do. stop being such a goddamn fruit
6 years ago
ok well i just dont want you morons complaing if i upvote all my awesome subs
6 years ago
lol some people complained about me voting up my own subs but i haven't seen any of them around lately
6 years ago
as yak said, if you don't think it's muchoworthy yourself (therefor upvoting it) why post it?
6 years ago
he caught the poop
6 years ago
Couldn't be anymore perfect unless he fell and got the chef inserted into his ass.
6 years ago
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