by Surreal

submitted April 9th 2012

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Daddy's Little Emo
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I bet you did, you dirty little whore!
6 years ago
they'd only be a whore if he paid.... i think they'd only be a slut if only sex was involved
6 years ago
repost :p I'll find the link later
6 years ago
Dangit! I checked all the tags I put it under, and I did not see it. :(
6 years ago
It's not your fault bro. Everyone loves self-mutilation <3
6 years ago
No. NO.
You provide a link with a repost claim.

* Barret slaps AbortedHitlerCock *

Bad noob, BAD NOOB!
6 years ago
huh this one is zoomed in so you don't see the 'kill me' part and has a filter over it
6 years ago
I was gonna post the link but couldn't find it. Haven't been online for a while. Plus, this is a new account. My other one had been up for a few years but I lost access to the email address so I made a new one. And I guess drumrave beat me to it.
6 years ago
Cool story
5 years ago
recover password
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