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Zombie Ass



by urkelbot

submitted April 7th 2012

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lol this is a zombie movie I can get behind
6 years ago
I get jokes.
6 years ago
Do they come out your ass or what???
6 years ago
No, this is what happens when you learn English starting with the phrase 'I have a bad case of diarrhea'.
6 years ago
6 years ago
speaking of More Than A Mouthful Is A Waste...heya Typs :)
6 years ago
Hehe, Hiya Possum!
6 years ago
I laughed so hard I shat my pants, and then my shit took a shit, and my ass laughed at my shit's shit so hard it took another shit, and then the trio of shits and myself formed a barbershop quartet of laughter... and then I watched the video.
6 years ago
They can just turn anything into scat porn, now can't they?
6 years ago
god damnit, I was going to post this but did the responsible thing and pressed the search button first.
5 years ago
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