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i bet thats sterile


chief sharprockcutyourdick


by thecandiru

submitted April 5th 2012

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sometimes I get phantom pain in my missing foreskin
6 years ago
As far as I'm concerned, circumcision is male genital mutilation.
6 years ago
One time I had a marine circumsize himself in his barracks room. The only reason he told us about what he had done earlier in the day was because it wouldn't stop bleeding.
6 years ago
those mother fuckers cant get any food or have knowledge to build houses from the wood on there island but yet they can get supplied with razorblades and knowlegde of how to circumsize somebody WTF?
6 years ago
wtf are you talking about?
6 years ago
i like him already :)
6 years ago
Wtf is right sir... Wtf
6 years ago
OOh-EEE, Ooh-Ah-Ah, Ting-Tang, Walla-Walla Bing Bang!
6 years ago
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