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Brazilian cops don't fk around

that was zero hesitation right there


by ShitCrazy69

submitted April 4th 2012

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shoot first ask questions later. i like how the guy in the green shirt tap the guy on the arm to say good job then step over the guy on the ground and walked out.
6 years ago
i wouldnt call that death. he got popped in the right side thankfully for him maybe a collapsed lung. he may yet live.
6 years ago
they said he died lata in the hospital u can see him startin to bleed out in the vid he took 1 in the chest plus its brazil so i doubt he got to the hospital real quick
6 years ago
They've got the right Idea.
6 years ago
u got that right .....bet your ass criminals would think 2ce of taking advantage of innocent people if they knew they were gunna catch a bullet to the chest
6 years ago
im a criminal and youre wrong shiteater...i catch bullets with my teeth
6 years ago
let me put my Taurus PT 1911 .45 ACP to ur teeth billy i'd love to see u try to catch it wit ur teeth
6 years ago
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