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Just goin for a walk in the park


to freak out the locals


by ShitCrazy69

submitted April 2nd 2012

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how can he fap with cold hands?
7 years ago
its the best ur hands go numb from the cold and it feels like someone else is doin it
7 years ago
when its cold outside i dont even like to pee out side cause of the freezing hands on the wang
7 years ago
The wang gets hot so it heats the hands.
7 years ago
whenever its cold outside my wang shrivels up like a raisin :(
7 years ago
I tried fapping in freezing water once, could barely get a hardon and couldn't feel a thing.
7 years ago
i don't know but i've been told ..eskimo pussy is mighty cold...
7 years ago
No rape :(
7 years ago
Only in Russia
7 years ago
people need to sub more of these types of videos , there the best
7 years ago
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