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The racist attack debate continues.

Somali's beat girl unconscious, UK. Let off.


by makodragon

submitted April 2nd 2012

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If i would have been that dude I would have hit them bitches so hard they would have been knocked back to somalia!
6 years ago
6 years ago
There was a time in my life when I wasn't used to alcohol and I never wanted to beat the shit out of some stranger.
6 years ago
what about now?
6 years ago
6 years ago
i blame you cunty,polite,english turds.Oh sure,you come on here and talk a big game, but on kissin-cousin island,its anything goes with these sand niggers.
6 years ago
I'm pretty sure I do not represent the majority of the english people.
6 years ago
you fucking brits need to get your poop in a group and re-establish yourselves before you turn into englandstan..same as we do vs the filthy beanbags like cryrat
6 years ago
It's only racist if it's a white on black crime, black on white crime don't count as racist. That's just the way it is. I still hate niggers tho.
6 years ago
/me enables western liberal line of thought

Now remember folks, we have to be sensitive to their cultural customs and tolerant of their intolerances due to their propensity for violence/promoting violence if they receive less than special treatment. They frighten us.

They may be immigrants from around the globe, and should probably adopt and adapt to the norms of their host country for the benefit of the nation and certainly national cohesion; but being that we're a majority white nation, we've probably wronged them throughout history and to the extent they can never ever recover from our wrongdoings. Now it's true that their nations/cultures were/are guilty of the same wrongdoings, albeit on a smaller scale for lack of equal technology to extend their reach... Nevertheless, we should always be sympathetic and offer a never ending line of excuses for any of their misdeeds. Then we need to drop our pants, grab our ankles, and offer an olive branch from our rectums as a gesture of solidarity. Anything less would be uncivilized. Did I mention they frighten us?

6 years ago
Best girl, huh?

Probably a repost.

Good thing there are veteran users to keep the inactive users in check and behead them and so on.
1 year ago
shut up with you boring jabbering on
1 year ago
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