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Atrocious Animals Loot Food Truck

Atrocious Animals Loot Food Truck.


by suteadotyu

submitted April 2nd 2012

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do what you gotta do when youre poor. its not like the company that made the food is going to want it all back after sitting out in the hot sun. itll spoil. so get that you can get if youre poor.

man i remember working at target many years ago. it was the first real experience in how wastefull our country is. if a product or food was expiring withing 4 days or so it was "sent back to the company" what they mean is destroy the perfecly fine food cut off the bar code and send thatback in a cardbard box and the insurance company reimburses them for the "loss" the food is destroyed in such a way that no one nor animal can eat it. the evening shift was almost fired because wed take the food and put it in the break room so everyone could eat it and enjoy it since it was going to be trashed anyway. how fucked up is big business now a days?
6 years ago
It's donated to the food bank now if that makes you feel better
6 years ago
no its not. and if its not returned you are stealing from the company. they should have been fired.
6 years ago
Heh....you want to see wasted food go the back of any boot camp mess hall. I am talking dump trucks full every day.
6 years ago
at my job they strait throw it in the dumpster. welcome to life!
6 years ago
well,its not like hes gonna eat it
6 years ago
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