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The Tables Have Turned

Don't treat others the way you don't want to be treated.


by thatdude420

submitted March 31st 2012

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The Tables Have Turned
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Why would a seal want to use a stick if he could just bite the baby to death ... Or just roll over for that matter. And why would there be an unattended baby out there on the ice ?
6 years ago
you ask to many question. just enjoy a seal beating a baby picture.
6 years ago
does seem like it would be a too strenous act for a seal to use a club like that
6 years ago
do you know how many seals there would be in the wild if this really happened?


do you know how many human beings are currently held in captivity by non-human animals?

could it be....ZERO?

do you know how many non-human animals protest the "needless slaughter" of other species?

that's right....a big fat fucking ZERO
6 years ago
what are you talking about???? i see ethnic people protesting all the time.
6 years ago
not just ethnic, Hog..or do you go through life wearing blinders?...
6 years ago
I think he was referring to ethnic peole as "non-human animals,"
6 years ago
i was!
6 years ago
another fail for everyone


happy easter, you fucking idiots
6 years ago
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