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Huge King Cobra found in India recently

Caught at Kerala India. Imagine going for a stroll in the woods and having that thing rise up and spit at you.


by Executioner

submitted March 29th 2012

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that's the oddest looking cobra I've ever seen
6 years ago
You say that to all the guys, Drummy
6 years ago
King cobras look distinctly different from most cobras. You can't tell it from the way he's holding it, but they have a very vestigial version of the hood.
6 years ago
Just read on Wikipedia that the above is because the king cobra isn't a true cobra but a different breed of snake.
6 years ago
an asp?
6 years ago
The king cobra belongs to it's own genus, drum. Plus, this one isn't really all that big. "Ophiophagus hannah belongs to the monotypic genus Ophiophagus. It is classified under the family Elapidae which includes other venomous snakes like cobras, coral snakes, death adders, kraits, mambas, and taipans."
6 years ago
Go on you pussy, let go of his head.
6 years ago
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