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Super attack dogs

ya u DO NOT wanna fuck wit these dogs.....i sooo want 1


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 29th 2012

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and too bad when they actually use these dogs, they end up getting shot by the cops and everyone gets pissed about animal cruelty.
6 years ago
THOSE are "cop-dogs"...idiot?
6 years ago
Rvle number II. Never post a clip with an ebaum watermark.
6 years ago
when I worked in one of the Texas Max prisons, I asked the dog handler what do they say to the dog before they get into attack mode. Swear to Cthulu, it was a few random words to get it's mindset ready then: lets get that nigger.
6 years ago
it was pretty fucked up
6 years ago
either ur lyin or the dog handler was..99% of the time they get thosedogs pre-trained
6 years ago