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U mad?


she got mad kuz she got kicked not kuz everyone was pissing on her


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 28th 2012

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Piss drinkers have feelings too.
6 years ago
and strong stomachs
6 years ago
"you need to respect this bitch!!"
6 years ago
It's just an expression of romance for fucks sake!
6 years ago
Ya know? They act like it degrades women or something.
6 years ago
Keep her away from sharp objects.
6 years ago
as i recall, rough sex 1 & 2 were both pulled from sale because some of the actresses claimed after the fact that they were misled about how violent the scenes would be. one of the crybabies even wrote into AVN to complain about her treatment.
6 years ago
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