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China cop trying to put his guts back together

gunna need a shit load of duct tape


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 27th 2012

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I think this is a repost.
5 years ago
5 years ago
i fkn looked all ova for this and didn't see it i put in every fkn word i could think of cut in half, china, cop, still alive, guts, accident...didn't show up so wtf
5 years ago
Found the gif, but not the vid. To be fair, it took a little while. Had to search "intestines."
5 years ago
intestines????...jesus.....well the vid is betta than the gif anyway
5 years ago
It's in your own tags as well, genius :)
5 years ago
@ 2:57, he clearly says "This better not wind up on Mucho!"
5 years ago
Good thing he had his helmet on.
5 years ago
I think his name was Matt
5 years ago
pull yourself together man
12 months ago
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