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Fuck sky diving and base jumping

Compilation of some serious hard hitting deaths


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 27th 2012

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HAHAHAHAHA...fuck all these assholes
6 years ago
If I owned a jump school, id play this on the plane.
6 years ago
Oj,if you owned a jump school there'd be a lot of dead limeys
6 years ago
If Oj owned a jump school he wouldn't have any tandemmasters :p
6 years ago
Jap, O.J. is always guilty!!!
6 years ago
Darwin in action
6 years ago
Did the asshole that hit the bridge railing knock off some spectators?
6 years ago
No, those things flying all over were Dwain Weston's body parts. I watched a documentary on this and I guess Jeb Corliss was following just a few seconds behind him. Jeb was completely drenched in Dwain's blood.

Jeb was the guy who crashed this past January while wing-suiting and broke a bunch of bones, but survived.
6 years ago

Remind me of Archangels from the movie Reign of Fire.
6 years ago
y u no open parachute!
6 years ago
I've been skydiving and ill do it again its an absolute fucking rush
6 years ago
acording to this its a rush to a body bag.
6 years ago
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