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Treatment of drug addicts in serbia.

Line up! 300 euros and i´ll kick the shit out of the drugs in you.


by zertex

submitted March 24th 2012

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The jesus and mary pictures in the background were nice and encouraging for these bad drug abusers.
6 years ago
Nobody expects the Serbian Rehabilitation!
6 years ago
When will the world wake up and just start killing the tards that do this stupid shit and I am not talking about the users.
Kill the stupid
6 years ago
Why not kill both groups ...
6 years ago
Lets get rid of the stupid first then see how that works out.
6 years ago
If stupid includes dumb, I see a huge decrease of human population. Can't wait to start.
6 years ago
welcome to the Nazi way of thinking , at least they picked a valid ethnic group
6 years ago
if you shipped all the "dumb" people off to another island, you'll watch as all the self proclaimed "smart" people starve to death because they only know how to talk smack.
6 years ago
Russians do this too.
6 years ago
After the last 10 years of watching my brother-in-law go in and out of rehab at least a dozen fucking times, launching my wife's family into a shit-fit each and every time, I honestly wish they could just put a bullet in every one of these assholes. The world would be a better place.
6 years ago
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