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Time to move on

I no longer have the time to search the web for strange/funny/weird/morbid/bestiality/or all sorts of illegal porn and/or disgusting things that once used to. I need a sponsor to pay my bills if I`m ever gonna be a useful member again on MS searching the net all day like .....m(you have all seen my latest posts, they are crap) and yes I`m shitfaced drunk each time I`m on Mucho.


by Persona

submitted March 23rd 2012

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Time to move on
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I`m not sure if its the pic or me never/soon leaving this site that has jrob up voting this
6 years ago
6 years ago
Funding for new ResusciAnnies was cut so they have to keep using the old hammered ass standby.
6 years ago
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