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He should shampoo more often

maggots don't have much left to eat


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 22nd 2012

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that's grody
6 years ago
I don't know if I could take all that tickling :(
6 years ago
The tickling would be the least of it. Unless they have damaged the ear, you would be able to hear all of them. Just imagine the sound of thousands of tiny maggots wriggling around and slowly picking the rotting flesh off of your exposed skull.
6 years ago
my question is how he'd let it get that bad in the first place.....like umm excuse me sir ur head is crawling wit maggots would u like me to call u an ambulance?...no thanx i'm good
6 years ago
maggots are used in some cases now to remove flesh and prevent infection
6 years ago
Those maggots probably kept him alive. There was another video floating around where a Chinese guy in a hospital who fell down a cliff, his head was covered in maggots that ate the dead tissue which kept him alive.
6 years ago
Kinda funny his ear itches.....LOL
6 years ago
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