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it's in deep

how does this happen?


by catastropheman

submitted March 19th 2012

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it's in deep
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Oh, that looks like it hurts. Nice.
6 years ago
It's pretty awesome it's pink too -
6 years ago
by stepping on it. I did that once but it was with a hot wheels axle. Right in the foot. I also got stabbed with a pencil that was in my brothers pocket when we were playing football in our yard.
6 years ago
fake. where's the blood?
6 years ago
Similar story: In 5th grade we were lifting each other up to the basketball hoops to try and hang on them while waiting for the bus. After I was lifted up and hung on the the hoop for a while I dropped down... and felt a sharp pain in my left hand. I had a sharpened pencil in my pocket that had gone straight through my hand as I was landing. Strangely enough it didn't bleed at all and I didn't need any stitches.
6 years ago
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