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Here Puss Puss


A cunt on a cat


by woolph58

submitted March 19th 2012

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Here Puss Puss
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lol @ woolphs upvote
6 years ago
let's see if this repost causes the original to get featured.

it's always fun to see who cares enough to downvote an alleged repost, but not enough to go and check out the original.

on an interesting side note, all of you fucks that weren't pro then (because it didn't exist) only got a one point vote.
6 years ago
Here is a better side note: Shut up.
6 years ago
in case you hadn't noticed that stfu, noob, it stands for shut the fuck up...you could have clicked that, but i guess you wanted to be extra gay today. mission accomplished!
6 years ago
The amount of typing you did? Gayer.
6 years ago
3 lines of typing? please...it took me more time to think of that awesome rebuttal, and that took me practically no time at all.
6 years ago
that is one massive lion
6 years ago
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