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Eeny meeny miny moe


gunna have to invent a new "shocker" hand sign for this 1


by ShitCrazy69

submitted March 15th 2012

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Eeny  meeny  miny  moe
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2 in the pink...2 in the stink?
6 years ago
DVDA champ!
6 years ago
i've never put it in that hole before!
6 years ago
this is what happens when a graphic artist working at brazzers doesnt get their morning coffee ;/
6 years ago
Twice as stinky. :(
6 years ago
reminds my of a play-doh factory i had back in the day
6 years ago

* possum gets out the good glasses now :( *
6 years ago
backlit keyboard ftw
6 years ago
ungrateful rodent >=/
6 years ago
Old as Bono's boyfriend. But it was Yak that added the picture for the thumbnail.
6 years ago
this would be some evolutionary awesomeness, if women developed an anus for shitting, and a separate one for sex...of course, some men would still want to hit the shitter, wherever it was
6 years ago
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