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Lightning Car

Car gets struck by lightning... Not much more to see here people.


by yak

submitted November 21st 2005

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it clearly hits the lamp post. least resistance = huge wet metal pole
12 years ago
all the lamps short out, the one it hits explodes & the flash in front of the car is due to the heavy rain. (pink maybe something to to with it being too bright for the camera...?) anyway, safest place to be is inside a metal cage/box with your feet insulated (but don't touch the sides) google search faraday's cage (i think)
12 years ago
here you all go on the faraday cage thing:

The concept of a Faraday cage is logically attributed to Michael Faraday, an 18th Century pioneer in the field of electromagnetic energy. Faraday studied the work of earlier scientists such as Benjamin Franklin and theorized that electromagnetic waves naturally flowed around the surface of conductive materials, not through them. For example, if a metal box containing a mouse were placed directly in the path of an electrical current, the electricity would flow over the box but not into the compartment with the mouse. The mouse would not be electrocuted. Such a box would be considered a Faraday cage.

The important concept to remember is that a Faraday cage acts as a shield against the effects of electromagnetic energy. When a car is struck by lightning, the metal frame becomes a Faraday cage and draws the electricity away from the passengers inside. A microwave oven's door has a screen which prevents electromagnetic energy from escaping into the room. Electronic parts which generate radio frequencies are often protected by Faraday cages called RF shields. Even a concrete building reinforced with lead or rebar can be considered a Faraday cage.

quoted from www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-faraday-cage.htm
12 years ago
so there.
12 years ago
oh yeah. at last we have an interesting post from yak instead of the usual gay shit or rubbish drawings. well done
12 years ago
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