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A turd's Story


A typical story of A turd,just wanting to get the fuck out of a stomach to see another day.


by bichofelix

submitted March 11th 2012

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6 years ago
i translated this when i first saw it...i didn't put the translation as the first comment, and i see now that was a mistake.

The Dream of Plop--Once upon a time, there was a piece of shit named Plop. He lived in a constipated intestine. His dream was...escape!!! Plop wanted to know what was outside.

One day...

Use condoms every time.
6 years ago
Portuguese, Spanish's retarded cousin.
6 years ago
Turd goes: " WTFf? " @ 00:39
6 years ago
not everyone can speak dirty mexican. maybe you should find one with english subtitles.
6 years ago
I don't speak portuguese..
6 years ago
turds don't reside in the stomach, retard.
6 years ago
By the look on this video, it looks like the goat doesn't have a large intestine punk..
6 years ago
so goats have water coolers as rectums?
6 years ago
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