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never go full retard

from "tucker and dale vs evil". fucking love this movie


by Vennos

submitted March 4th 2012

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/me starts streaming on shitflix
6 years ago
haha let me know what you think
6 years ago
decent movie, don't really understand the post though :/
6 years ago
that clip just cracks me up is all. figured there might be a few people that would like it
6 years ago
meh. Nice avi btw.....Giger I assume
6 years ago
thanks and yea. birth machine is much better though :P
6 years ago
i'm 45 minutes in, and so far i give it 3.5 stars. the gore is cheesy, but in a good way. i like that sort of thing.

However, the humor isn't very well written. Don't get me wrong... that doesn't mean i dislike it. Truth be told, i'd give it another star if there was moar nudity, or if Dale gets to fuck whats her name.

/me unpauses
6 years ago
i like the cheesy gore too, and i agree - not the best writing and all that. kinda inconsistent, but overall it's rare to see the horror/comedy combination done alright nowadays :/
6 years ago
Birth Machine is a great piece of work. - For some other horror/comedy, check out some old german gorefest films...they're hilariously bad.
6 years ago
I'm so in love with Tyler Labine <3 this is such a fabulous movie! Was stoked to find two of my favorite actors were in it.
6 years ago
Just watched this flick thanks to this post laughed my ass off brilliant example of most of the youth in the USA sadly very accurate
6 years ago
It looks like he's gone be fine. He's gonna walk it off.
4 years ago
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